We provide images for all your business needs.  Whether you need photography for your website, a new menu for your restaurant, product shots for a catalog, collateral for a marketing campaign, an image for a magazine or an advertisement for a job is too big or too small.  When you hire us, we will work hard to make sure you get the images you need to help your business grow and look great!


We use our creative skills and technical know how to capture the perfect image of your product...whether big or small.

Food and Beverages

You eat with your eyes first! Our creative images make your food look delicious and your beverages look refreshing.


We have a wide-range of photogrphy skills and can provide creative images for any assignment or project you may have in mind.


The images we make for your business are created for your specific marketing needs.  All of your images are sized and retouched appropriately so you get the maximum return on your photography investment.  We provide you with both small, low resolution versions for use on websites and large, high resolution files for use in print advertising.

Our licensing terms are simple and no can use all of the images we provide to you, for any business purpose and you can keep them forever.


You can only make a first impression once...and that first impression starts with the images your customers see.  Partnering with an experienced commercial photographer to make quality images for your business is essential to attract new customers and grow your business.   Professional photography is more affordable than you may think.  We price each project according to your specific needs and provide you with a verbal and written estimate.  Please call Bob Wheaton at (615) 628-7122 or click below to contact by email for a pricing estimate for your project.

Let me help make your business look GREAT!

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Bob Wheaton
Owner, Wheaton Images

I'm a passionate, dedicated, creative and hard working professional photographer. Behind the camera, I continually practice different techniques and stay on top of the latest photographic trends.  I'm also highly skilled and creative in the digital darkroom.  I work with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One Pro to make your images look the way you want.  I'm a consummate professional, get along great with people and I'm fun to work with.  You won't be disappointed when you hire me for your next assignment!