After retiring from 20 years at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center as Executive Director for Environmental Health and Safety, I’m pleased to announce that I’m embarking on my new, second career as professional photographer. I now have my new business license, bank account, merchant account, Accountant and Insurance agent. Starting a new small business is not cheap! I haven’t made a penny yet, but have spent almost $2K just to say I’m a real business.

I plan on providing commercial photography services for local businesses in the Plymouth, MA and greater South Shore area. Also, starting this Spring, I will be selling my Digital Art at local Art and Craft shows in the area. I’m finalizing my calendar and will post it on the Wheaton Images website.  I hope to see you at a show.

So, if you know any business in need of professional photography to promote their brand, please send them my way…Thanks!


  • Excellent Bob, I’m very pleased to see that you are utilizing your talents and assisting businesses in your new avocation. I expect great success to you and the companies that you help promote. They will have a competent and trustworthy ally to provide them will professional photography services. Continue the great work that you have demonstrated over the years by providing the public with the benefit of your particularly keen eye.

  • Way to go Bob! I’ve not made this commitment yet – having too good a time just being retired. You’ll be great at it I’m sure – and you can always throw in a little EHS consulting to help the business commuity! Best wishes on your new venture.

  • Excellent Bob! With your background, experience and exceptional photography skills I’m sure you will do well. Maybe you can take some stock safety photos for me! Many of the ones on Getty and other sites don’t represent the proper safety methods, PPE, etc. we want to show in our new eLearning.

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